Must-Do's to Attract Buyers In Todays Market

Attracting Buyers In Today’s Market

According to the National Association of Realtors® 2018 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study, which evaluates the generational differences of home buyers and sellers, 90 percent of millennials purchased or sold their home through a real estate agent and 84 percent of other generations also worked with an agent.

The top benefit, according to 75 percent of all generations, was having someone to help navigate the process. So, it goes without saying that when you are ready to sell or buy a home, finding a good Realtor should be at the top of your list. But, don’t think that getting a real estate agent is enough. Here are a few selling strategies to get your home sold quickly and at the best price.

Take Pictures

Statistics show that homebuyers are finding homes online long before hiring a real estate agent. The most compelling feature to cause a buyer to click on a link is the pictures. According to Trulia, a popular real estate site, listings with 6 or more pictures are twice as likely to be viewed and listings without pictures are least likely to be viewed.

Use Social Media

Post pictures and description on Facebook and other social networking sites. According to PEW Research Center, in a report called “Social Media Use in 2018”, 68% of Americans use Facebook on a regular basis and search the Facebook Ads all the time. Imagine the power of digital marketing getting the word out about your house!

Post A Video

Buyers want to see a home and neighborhood through the eyes of someone who has experienced it. You can use video sharing to show off the best features of the house and the area. Tell a story about a family tradition, a favorite coffee shop around the corner or how great the neighbors are. Home buyers are moved by stories and will want to know that a home was well-loved.

Tell The Neighbors

Get the neighbors to come to the open house and let them sell the neighborhood. Have them spread the word and tell their friends who may be shopping for a home and want to live in the area.

Sweeten The Pot

A 2017 article in the WSJ, gave some compelling reasons to “…Sweeten the Deal” suggesting that sometimes all a buyer is looking for is a little bit more. Consider adding a few things to the deal that may have been bought just for this house like the stainless steel kitchen appliances, a flat-screen TV, a golf cart or 4-wheeler.

Get An Inspection

Get a termite inspection in advance of listing your home for sale. It is better to state with confidence that there is no unseen damage than to find out from the buyer later.

Take Care Of The Little Things

Do those honey-do jobs you’ve been putting off. Touch up the nicks and scratches in the walls and door facings, repair door knobs that aren’t working, tighten loose cabinet handles and make sure those pesky sliding closet doors are all working.

Remove The Clutter

Finally, before opening the doors to potential buyers, pack away pictures and personal clutter. This gives the buyer an opportunity to see their things on the counters and walls. For more information on how you can get started buying or selling a home, contact your local trusted real estate agent for assistance.